experience Milos with us


Milos Tastes

Live the ultimate sensory gastronomic experience. You can enjoy traditional cooking techniques from the hostess, with selected raw materials directly from our farm, in an idyllic atmosphere on the fairytale island of Cyclades. Upon your arrival, you will be offered a basket full of homemade products created exclusively for you, as well as various local products of Milos from small producers. At Myhomelos, we schedule your daily menu with homemade, local, traditional recipes, creating tasty delights during your stay with us.


Nino's country house

Create unique memories of the most beautiful day of your life, by exchanging vows of eternal love at the small chapel in Nino’s country house estate. Rejoice and celebrate an anniversary, christening or a BBQ party in a traditional farmhouse straight out of a fairy tale. Be one with nature, enjoy the sunset in an orchard with exquisite view. The possibilities are endless, just like your imagination!


Tsigrado beach

Tsigrado’s appeal is tied to its isolation as getting there requires negotiating a series of rickety ladders and ropes. That said, the short but abrupt descent rewards you with what is one of the most dazzling beaches in Milos. It’s surrounded by wild, vertical cliff faces and sits in a cozy bay, with clear waters lapping the fine, golden sand.

Sarakiniko beach

The pin-up of Milos’ beaches, Sarakiniko (famous for its desolate moonscape) looks like it’s jumped right out of a Dali painting – and has probably been photographed more. There is a small, sandy beach but the most famous part of Sarakiniko is the surrounding white volcanic rock that’s been smoothed and shaped by the wind over eons. The fjord-like crags jut up and down, seemingly ebbing and flowing, with pools and caves having formed in the process.


While Kleftiko may technically not be a beach, it is nonetheless a spectacle not to be missed and one of the best swimming spots in Milos. A hideout for pirate ships back in the day, the rock formations and caves of Kleftiko (thieve’s den) are popular with boat trips – and for good reason as you’ll admire the turquoise waters and swim and snorkel within and around the caves (Sykias Cave is another curio that is likely to be on your boat trip). It is accessible only to boats and goats, so the isolated nature of this spot ensures that the waters stay clear and pure.